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A few other cool ideas to use LOCATERA

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

We at LateraLogics are firm believers of 'simplicity'. That is the reason that drives us to keep this principle at the core of the design of all our products including LOCATERA. Interestingly, this aspect of the design is what has been making us quite excited about visualizing various other possibilities of putting this app solution to use to make life easy.

Here are a few ideas we have been contemplating internally.

  • Train & Passengers Tracker: Use LOCATERA to track train and the passengers travelling inside real-time.
  • Family Tracker: Use LOCATERA to track family members and their 'check-ins' real-time.
  • Field Staff Tracker: Use LOCATERA to track field staff and their visit activities real-time.
  • Pizza Tracker: Use LOCATERA to track your pizzas real-time.

What are some other crazy ideas that you think can work for LOCATERA? Please share your thoughts. We'll be so excited to hear more crazier ideas than the ones above.

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